{Oh} Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

14 May, 2012

a whimsical chandelier made of mason jars 

I kept getting word of this Yardbird place a few weeks back, and I was intrigued. I was excited when I signed up for the Blogger Blitz Miami back in April for two reasons because I was going to meet and mingle with other bloggers and because the host location was Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. I realized I was finally going to see what the big buzz was about, but of course like any other social event that I go to I never end of eating or drinking a thing...I talk too much. What to do then? why thank you brunch for my birthday. I was very excited when my sister-in-law picked the location for my birthday brunch celebration. It was an outstanding experience and I can't wait to go back for more, did we have any plates left after all we ate? I wonder.

Big Ol' Stack of Waffles

Fried Green Tomato BLT

Mama's Chicken Biscuits

Be Modest...how sweet, I don't think we were haha

Poor bird...run chicken run (that's the url of their website)

Shrimp N' Grits

i loved these wood hanging lamps

Hunka, Hunka Banana Bread - as one of our desserts

Pumpkin Beignets - for my birthday wishes

the lowdown:
  •  Need I say anything, can't you tell by the photos? kidding here it goes.
  • The atmosphere is wonderful, makes you feel you are elsewhere, certainly not Miami Beach.
  • The service is just as I was hoping it to be, southern hospitality.
  • Every table in the house is taken, make reservations people.
  • It's family style, so share don't be selfish!
  • All provisions we had were out of control, out of control!
  • The waffles were soft yet crispy enough, they melt in your mouth and that pecan butter - oh divine.
  • Fried Green Tomato BLT was savory beyond belief, one of my preferred dishes. The pork belly with the sauce makes it a hit.
  •  The Mama's Chicken Biscuit, well straight from mama's that's for reals.
  • My absolute favorite dish was the Shrimp N' Grits, it was the best Shrimp N' Grits I have ever had...I wish you can see my face right now as I think of this dish, nuff said. You need to have this with out a doubt, don't even blink over it on the menu, thank you.
  • The Hunka, Hunka Banana Bread, just because I am Hunka, Hunka! no really though best Banana Bread is this one right here.
  • My birthday wishes were said over magical Pumpkin Beignets that are sitting on top of a so fresh strawberry preserve.
  • We had about three more plates (not pictured) and I can't even say I had one bad dish, these people know what they are doing.
  • Overall, I will pray this never goes away. I need to find any excuse to go their for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner all in a days worth...maybe not I will get a heartburn but definitely a place YOU need to visit. Go, go now leave room for every thing on the menu.
Been there already? share what was your favorite dish. Plan to go there, share your experience when you go, just leave me a msg down below.


  1. Seems like a great time! I must check it out one day soon :)


  2. That food looks amazing! I'm going to go there to eat probably now.


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