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13 May, 2012

I met Julieta Alvarez (friends with Angeles Almuna not pictured) all because of her rad Marni for H&M necklace (yellow lucite) for which she drove all the way to West Palm to get, #dedicated.

haven't done one of these posts for the last two Sundays, and all due to my computer's lack of desire to work, lazy I tell you. The first two photos were from Guess 30th Anniversary Party hosted by Annie Vazquez from The Fashion Poet and Erika Thomas from Blah Blah Blonde. It was a whole lot of fun and I got to spend some time with a few of my favorite bloggers. In return I met two wonderful ladies, one a blogger Angeles Almuna and the other a jewelry maker with a lucid/hard to find Marni for H&M necklace that my heart has been desiring since I came across it online a few weeks back. I love meeting people at random and that's what happened that night, good times. I've had a blast these couple of weeks and I can't wait to see what's in store next.

Hope you all enjoy your Mother's Day, better treat those mothers right.

P.s. two more days left for the LipSmart USA giveaway, for instructions on how to enter it go here.

I stole this photo from Kelly Saks, I hope she doesn't mind

one of the cutest candy/dessert stations I've seen

the best burgers in Miami, I have no doubt - Giraffas

the beautiful entrance of the Coral Gables library

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