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27 May, 2012

adorable whimsical cupcakes I made for the bff's baby shower 

oh May, you always bring me so much joy and so much pain to my wallet. May is always filled with ridiculous amounts of events, from friends and family birthdays to my own, to showers of all sorts to Mother's day, make no mistake I don't stop in this month. By June I want to vegetate in my home and watch recorded TV, was wrong with that? But regardless I have a good time and I guess it's a good thing because I get to see those I love most, so I shouldn't complain. Here are a few photos that have transpired in the month of May, which by the way is the best of course because it was the month I was born.

Hope all of you have had a sun-filled/fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend and remember freedom is not free so honor those who have giving that freedom to us - our Service Men. Thank you to all of you who allow all of us to do the things we love and for sacrificing so much of your self to the safety of our nation.


 silky and white as the sky you are - Bahamas sand

 Mimosas for the soul

 beautiful bouquet of flowers at a friends baby shower

and lastly, myself immortalized in this paper by Fashion Designer & Illustrator Renato Armijo creator of Glamadolls

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