What a floral

05 June, 2012

Chambray shirt: Forever 21// Sunnies: 70's Vintage Ray-Bans (belonged to uncle)// Necklaces: Forever 21, Lydell NYC (Loehmanns)// Bracelets: N&K Designs, My own DIY// Bag: Urban Expressions (gift from friend)// Pants: Zara// Shoes: Beverly Feldman (find them here)

wore this to the H&M Press Preview last Thursday, I put it together at the last minute and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. So much so that I think I want to wear this outfit for the rest of the year, kidding or not. Chambray shirts are more versatile than people think, if you are creative enough you can find endless possibilities. People often ask me how I can put things together, and my response is simple "I play." Play around with your garments and you will get the hang of it, you will never know what looks best if you don't pair them together, so do it your in the comfort of your own home or in some cases a fitting room anyway. By the way, my shoes have been such a hit with people every time I wear them I am bound to get a compliment (just thought I shall share useless information). I bought these lovely Beverly Feldmans at Loehmanns but they don't have them online at least, so I gave you an alternate...be happy.

Enough talking enjoy the photos, and have a lovely Tuesday.


  1. You look absolutely amazing! I love how you paired everything, gotta love a good chambray shirt ;)


  2. You look great! I love your shoes - they are awesome!! Those pants look so good on you.

    1. Thank you Kristin! I love those pair of shoes too ;)




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