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03 June, 2012

 my instagram photo gave you a preview - these adorable Limited Edition Cynthia Rowly Band-Aids were in that package - one a box of your own click here.

I know frivolous buy those Band-Aids but I couldn't resist, they were to cute to pass. That was just one small highlight of my week/end. As all of you probably know by now is that H&M opened up a pop-up shop in Miami Beach to anticipate the opening of the real store where once stood the Lincoln Theater. I heard through a friend that it was opening up Friday on Wednesday...How I didn't know ahead of time, baffles me but I am always in my own world anyway so go figures. I ended up going to the Press Preview the day before it opened to the public, I was giddy. Thursday comes around and I find myself in a blissful state of mind, I have been waiting for an H&M to come to Miami since the dinosaurs, kidding but close. I even emailed corporate long before I was a blogger to advice them that they needed to get their butts down here, Miami? come on we all know H&M would not fail here. They told me when they responded that they were scooping out "prime" location for the store and that they definitely had it in their future plans....years later and we are here one step closer to MADNESS. If you didn't know the line outside H&M Friday was two-hours long, bananas. The one downside of the Press Preview is that you couldn't buy anything, no one was happy that.

Ok enough about H&M, last night I went to the Priscilla Jade Lingerie's Birthday Suit Launch Party and it was fabulous, her Birthday Suit was a showstopper thats for sure. She had a Sweets station that was adorable and the location was stunning - in love with Baoli Miami. I would like to have some type of event there in the future, in their secret garden. So happy that Priscilla had a successful event, she knows how to make pretty sexy lingerie. Don't forget I am hosting a giveaway of the Birthday Suit here.

Stay tuned for more photos on my facebook page.

H&M magazine at the Press Preview

fruits fro brunch, always a good idea

brings smiles to my face

the Sweets station by Sugar Fancies at the Priscilla Jade Lingerie Birthday Suit Launch Party - I was obsessed with the Cherry cake

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