FBDIB 2: Summer Edition {Recap}

02 July, 2012

that's my big bun - felt like Carrie Bradshaw

last Thursday was an anticipated day because I was going to take part in the fashion show for the Fashion Bloggers Do It Better (FBDIB) - Summer Edition at Ricochet Lounge. Surprisingly I was not nervous and I began to wonder why I was so calm, but I went about my day. All Blogger models had to be at location at 6pm to begin the transformation process. It was a very humid and hot day in Miami and we were all feeling the heat, it was not pleasant but we made the best of it and did what models had to do. When I got there almost immediatly I was being tortured by the pulling of hair to create the bun you see above, my hairstylist from Cutler Salon insisted that my bun wasn't even as tight as he normally does it...umm I was very skeptical about that. I failed to get his name but he was fantastic and he had a pretty cool Australian accent. After I was done with hair I went over to makeup which was provided by Beauty For Real. Again I failed to get the name of my makeup artist but he was lovely, we shared backgrounds and I found out he was friends David Bromstad because he reminded me of him. Once I was done with makeup I headed over along with the other beautiful ladies to change into our outfits. It was madeness at that point, we were all putting on our looks and getting every piece together. Once we were all dressed up the anticipation started to build and that's when the nerves kicked in. I knew it was too good to be true...me not nervous? never I am a nervous wreck all the time.

and then show time came and it was an experience I will always remember. We all had a blast and we kicked butt, can't wait to do it again.

A special thank you to Annie Vazquez, Simonett Pereira and Eugy Alliegro for putting this fabulous event together.

Kristin Clark getting her makeup done

the adorable Kar Gar (a.k.a my ombre twin) capturing moments for Refinery 29

where the beauty happened

"backstage" also known as the inferno

our pretty outfits minus a few

captured runway moment in a blurr (wearing Guy and Girl Boutique)

the fabulous Blogger models moments after the runway show

aren't we just dolls...I think so


  1. So much fun that night, minus the sweating part...and stairs lol.

    Young, Wilde & Free

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