Stella McCartney x Saks event

10 December, 2012

where do I begin, well it started by receiving a very cool invitation to meet one of the designers I have admired for so long, Stella McCartney that is. As I sat there reading the email to this special invitation I thought to myself "this is starting to feel so surreal" and by "this" I mean my business in the blogosphere. I felt the excitement reach the very intricate neurons in my brain, why because although to some of you this may seem silly but truth is no one (unless you are a serious blogger yourself) knows how hard it is to be noticed for what you do. Therefore, I am thankful for opportunities like these, as well as all of you for your support because without the two I couldn't be here.

lets move on and talk about this fabulous event hosted by the lovely people over at Saks in Boca Raton. I was invited to come and meet the designer herself and have a few minutes to speak to her in private, which was a true delight. Leading up to her arrival I started to feel a bit nervous, because I didn't want to ask something irrelevent, but when I met her she was so sweet and humble that it made me feel at ease. She was here to introduce her Summer 2013 ready-to-wear collection and was giving a beautiful soiree in return. I love her asthetics, they are clean, fresh and modern...all of which I love. Her Summer 2013 collection is unbelievable, it felt very Miami or shall I say very South Florida, there was lots of floral, citrus colors, and lucite pieces that will make this upcoming summer so worth looking forward to. By the way, the third to last photo of the orange and white dress was hands down my favorite piece, so so sexy.

a special thank you to the team over at Saks in Boca Raton for your hospitality and to Stella McCartney for allowing us to chat with her and spend an evening with her.



  1. Very nice looking event. All the flowers are so gorgeous as well. Stella has such amazing pieces and I love the orange dress as well.

  2. The faux garden and all the decorations are just beautiful! So excited for you that you got to meet Stella :)

  3. I'm so happy you made it to Boca! Those floral arrangements were ridic, huh??

  4. I am so sad that she was sick and had to reschedule the original date...I would have LOVED to meet her as well...
    What an amazing opportunity you had and it looks like it was a fabulous event!!


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