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09 January, 2013

i have been looking forward to the introduction of my virtual reading club, where every second Wednesday of the month I will bring you a new book for which you can join me in reading. The idea started brewing in my head back in November, but decided that it would be better to introduce it in the new year and so I did. See I've enjoyed reading since I was in elementary school but began enjoying it even more when I took one of my first important Sociology classes in college, I will tell you why...the reading list for the class was bigger than Bill Gates bank account (clever?) and I had to figure out how in the world I was going to be able to read all of it. I accomplished reading ninety  percent of it, which was a pretty good feat considering I was working full time and taking other classes. How I did it? I gained speed as in speed reading, still not a pro but I don't take a century as I used to. I wanted to create Chic Reads Wednesdays because reading is the best path to the imagination, it creates curiosity and is the best food for the brain.

so this month I will be reading The Beautiful Fall, a tale of an explosion of Parisian fashion in the 1970's and the beginning of an evolutionary feud between two gentlemen known as Karl Lagerfeld and Ives Saint Laurent. So lets get to it, here is how it will go down, we have a month to read the book, you can then post your thoughts on twitter with hashtags #chicreadswednesdays and #thebeautifulfall and tag me @chicstreetsande or leave a comment on my Facebook page here once you have finished. On the second Tuesday of the following month I will select a few thoughts/comments to put up on the blog along with my review of the book. To start things the proper way, I will select one of you who leave me a thought or comment to receive a gift card for Barnes and Nobles. Don't let me be the only one reading the book, please join, please (pleading like a child pleads for a toy).

if in case my photos leave you with a big question mark, here is the reference...those are my vintage YSL shoes, which can be interpreted as Yves himself and my white blouse and bow tie pay homage to Karl. The first two express the feud between the two designers and the last three can show you that shoes can make for fancy Karl-like sunglasses...that's all folks.


  1. Love these pics of you...didn't even know it was you at first glance. Very Parisian Chic!! ;)

  2. I LOVE the idea of a virtual book club! Very cool.


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