Beanies & Cowboys

20 February, 2013

Top & Beanie: Forever 21| Bag: H&M| Jeans: Levi's| Boots: Zara (old)
my Sunday brunch attire, casual and comfy, doesn't get better than that. These boots have been in my closet for several years now and I truly love them so very much. They are the perfect cowboy boots with out being to cowboy, get me? and the color is one of my go to colors - cognac. It was cool out on Sunday so I took the chance to wear my beanie that I haven't used in five years, crazy I know. The last time I used that beanie was during a 15 day trip through South America, where freezing temperatures were the real deal.
on another note, I am aware of the fact that I haven't posted my commentary on our book club read The Beautiful Fall, to be completely frank I haven't finished it. I have been pretty occupied with other things I haven't been able to finish it, so I do apologize, but really who is reading with me anyway? I will hopefully have it by the end of the month so that you can hear what I have to say about it. 


Thanks for the love!