PAVAN Miami Style

04 February, 2013

last Sunday was a day that should be repeated every month, a day of brunching, sipping on delicious cocktails, massages, trying out swimwear courtesy of The Orchid Boutique and relaxing under the stars. The day was all possible courtesy of the fabulous people from Pavan, and we couldn't be more thankful. I along with my other competing bloggers, Annie of The Fashion Poet, Ginger of Electric Blogarella, Daniela of Nanys Klozet, and Maria of The Wordy Girl were escorted around town for a full day of fun, chatting, instagraming, tweeting and getting to know the Pavan team. I was looking forward to taste Pavan Liqueur as I had heard rave reviews, it did not disappoint, in fact I think I found my absolute favorite liqueur. It has a very subtle and sweet taste, which makes it a deadly combination because you can have several glasses and not even notice it until it's time to get up.
the contest is now over and although I did not win, it was a wonderful experience and I am very thankful to all of you who voted for me, it means a lot to see the support. I hope that one of you win the trip to France and you can enjoy for me. A special thank you to the Pavan team and to Simonett of Miami Style Mafia for arranging this day for us.
|PHOTOS courtesy of| Miami Style Mafia


Thanks for the love!