16 August, 2013

 what an adventure it's been, it feels like a dream in which I am living a long vacation. Here is day shot through the Eiserner Steg Bridge (aka The Iron Footbridge, built in 1868-69) located in the heart of Frankfurt and connects with Sachsenhausen (the Apple Wine District, in German: Apfelwein). People began leaving love padlocks on the edges of the bridge in hopes to have everlasting love, the tradition came to Frankfurt via the city of Cologne (in German: Koln) where about 40,000 love padlocks have been left all across the River Rhine...ah love stories, they never seize to exist. I will sure leave my own love story hanging from this bridge in hopes to show our children some day, and when I do I will instagram it.
 Walking and beer have been going hand in hand in this city, the first few days we were here, we melted like chocolate and was hard to believe that we who came from Miami couldn't make it through the day's heat. In the first photo we are standing in the area known as the Romerberg, a historic center since the High Middle Ages (dating back to year 794), where most of the buildings where reconstructed after World War II, only having a small number of buildings preserved from those times. The second photo shows you the beautiful St. Bartholomew Church, which is situated in the Romerberg. 
 ah at last I come to you Zara Home, if you know me, you know I love Zara. Small moment, but a happy one none the less.
 an adorable Christmas store in downtown Frankfurt, tucked away in a not so visited street. Hyrdrangeas and flowers in general are in every corner, where bees have seemed to thrive because of them.
 a Biergarten, enjoyed by the company of family.
 strangers in the night, exchanging glances, strangers in the night...lyrics from "Strangers in the Night" sang by many artist but my favorite variation is from Frank Sinatra. This street is part of the Sachsenhausen area across the main river.
 city lifestyle and some inspiration from past decades.
 fruits and flowers from a great local market housed inside a building.
 the beautiful privately owned Boosenburg Castle located in the picturesque city of Rudesheim a thirty to forty-minute drive from Frankfurt and an hour away by train. 
 within the streets of what can be a perfect two-day escape into the country side of Germany, as mentioned in the city of Rudesheim.
 cool little shop with unique and one of a kind liqueurs, wines and oils.
 if you are ever in Rudesheim, visit this place, the staff was so lovely and the food was so good.
more of Rudesheim
and last at hill top with a breath-taking view in the arms of the one I love.

For most people the thought of moving to another country, where the language is unknown and where life will have to start from scratch is a daunting step, one that would be take cautiously and with some fear. My family and friends were probably freaking out more than I was, as I was cool as a pickle, I started to think to myself that it was weird that I was so calm and collective, because my nature is to be a bit of a nervous wreck.  I think my calmness is all due to age,  my perception of life is much more relaxed and happy-go-lucky. Learning the transit system has sure been a bit of challenge, not to mention the language  but overall, I have had a smooth transition to this new life and can only see what the future holds for me. Thanks for taking part in this new adventure and I hope you have enjoyed this recap as much as I have.

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  1. My Dear Ana, Germany looks spectacular! I'm so happy for you and Danny even if we miss having you stateside. Keep traveling and exploring. It's a beautiful world out there. -Lil

  2. I'm happy you are loving Germany, I think this is an amazing and courageous thing to do. Have fun, I love to read your posts.

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  3. Germany looks great on you! The city looks so picturesque and I can see why it feels like a permanent vacation.

    I look forward to seeing more of your journey on your blog. Beautiful post!!

    Miss you dearly!
    Your friend,

  4. Wow, I love all the pictures. You really are living the dream... I love you.

    -Your MOH


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