Auf Wiedersehen 2013

31 December, 2013

The most magical night of my life, our wedding night - 11 years in the making 
(sorry for the sketchy photo, no professional photos yet)
 Creative collaboration with Sandy Lee Alvarez, my hair stylist and friend
 Outfits that traveled to places I never imagined I'd see
 my very first impressions of the city I call home for now - Frankfurt
 I pretended to be RoboCop - kidding but close
 my very first outfit post in Germany
 Collaborating with Miami Bloggers and a Miami brand all the way from across the world
 the time I announced I was moving to Germany
 one of the most ridiculously good restaurants I had the pleasure dining in with a friend
 the very first time I did a photo shoot in my swimsuit, nerve-racking
 one of my all time favorite posts, which I collaborated with my dear friend Karla a.k.a Kar Gar
 a heavenly experience 
 pretending to be Daisy and semi nailing it
 working with these two lovely ladies, Simonett and Ginger for Macy's and Miami International Fashion Week
 the time half of my body landed in the ELLE UK issue for Art Basel 2012 street style
 one of my favorite days of all time was working with some of my blogger sisters and Pavan Liqueur 
 one of many photo shoots I did with my beautiful friend and photographer Sasha De Almagro
starting a virtual book club was lots of fun

What can I say about 2013, other than it has been a year of unexpected wonderful surprises and although I am exhausted because it's been non-stop, I am beyond grateful for all the opportunities that came my way and the way of my husband. I worked with so many people I care about, met so many new people, had great laughs, good cries and moved across the world to what has been an amazing time thus far. Never the less I miss my family, friends and the comfort of what I used to know as home - Miami; but I know great things are in store for me and I can only look forward to new memories and opportunities. Most importantly I married the man I love, and got to spend one night with all the people I love in what we call our wedding day.

Thank you to all of you who continue to come to my blog to see what I have to say, wear, eat and explore. Your support is invaluable, it wouldn't be worth while if I didn't have your attention. Thank you to all the companies, bloggers and agencies who collaborated with me and most importantly thank you to my family and friends for all your support and belief in me.

with Love,

Ana Aravena Ortuño

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  1. Awww...I love those pictures with Kar Gar. What a year it's been for you:)


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