Heavy Knit

05 March, 2014

Lately, all I have been wanting to do is wear my off-white jeans, they just go well with so many things that it becomes effortless. There is nothing I love more than things that are effortless, from cooking, to home decor, I like things to look as if they just happen to fall into place. These jeans are as such, everything I pair with it just looks good, and thus making getting ready to go anywhere a breeze. I also, love my Cos jumper I purchased a few months back, it's made of heavy knit so it keeps me very warm and it's not utterly heavy in weight. If you have never had the chance to visit a Cos Store you must, while you are in Europe. Their cuts and textiles are very modern and streamlined, it has easily become one of my favorite shops, as their style is very much aligned with my own. 

|WEARING| Cos Jumper (similar), Merona Coat (via Target), DIY Anthropologie Inspired Double-Pearl Necklace (see close-up here), DKNY Bucket Bag (via TJ Maxx), Zara Skinny Jeans (similar), Pixie Market Bedford Buckle Sandals (similar)

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  1. I get obsessive about certain items in my closet too:) Love you hair!


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