25 February, 2014

This pink Zara coat has been getting a lot of wear and spotlight, the thing with it is that it is so damn versatile, I can't resist it. I guess that's a good thing, at least in my opinion, you know the type of pieces that you just will wear till they break apart, isn't that sign that you got something good? See this coat is not only versatile, it is chic, but extremely warm, which means I don't have to triple layer, all I have to wear is a tee and I am good. This is what I wore on Sunday whilst in Paris, and I have to say that I felt like a Parisian, maybe because all the uber-chic Parisian girls would look at me with a look of approval (or maybe it was in my head) but either way it felt good. When I think of fashion I think of these girls, they just have this effortless aura about them that I can't get enough of, I think Paris was made for me, but then again I am not the first one to thing so, right? 

On side note, my new Nike Blazer Mid sneakers were one of the hardest things I had to hunt for, I scavenged the Internet for months to find them as they were sold out everywhere. One day while searching endlessly through eBay, I saw some in another color but they were for Youth and that's when I got the genius idea of looking under Youth, voila I found them at last. Yes these are meant to be Youth size sneakers but that did not stop me what so ever, because when I want something I have to have it.

|WEARING| ZARA Coat x Skinny Jeans, H&M Men's Chevron Scarf, H&M Women Tee, Marcia Moran Gold x Carnelian Pendant Necklace (via Gilt), Nike Blazer Mid White Leather Sneakers (find here)


  1. This outfit is gorg! Love it, I want your jacket, so I can wear an outfit just like this to match my black and white blazers ;) and we can be international twins! haha xo


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