| Post-Wedding Week Series | The Main Event (Part I)

23 May, 2014

Part I of the last post of the Wedding Week Series. This is the main event, where you get a really good look at the details and sequence of our unforgettable day. My most memorable part was certainly the ceremony, it was exactly what I had dreamed off, the only one thing that I had hoped for was, to have our ceremony during daylight but there were delays along the way that held us back a little and caused us to catch the sunset and nightfall. Regardless of that minor setback, the ceremony was like walking on clouds, I thank our officiant who is one of my most dearest friends and not to mention my soul sister - Betty (we come from the same planet, at least that's what they told us). She made our ceremony so magical and full of personal touches, everything she recited came from her heart as she wrote the script just for us. I could not have picked anyone else to marry us, Betty has one of the most sincerest hearts I know and because of that the vibes were honest and pure. 

The dances were also one of my favorite parts, although I and I am sure that my husband, fathers and his mom were also a bit nervous. Dancing in front of a crowd when all eyes are on you is a bit nerving, but none the less special. I still can't get over how good our bridal party looked, from my MOHS, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring boy they all looked like magazine models, yes a little brag doesn't hurt. 

I also have to thank my mother-in-law who took it upon herself to make and set up the ceremony flower arrangements and lanterns, she spent lots of time looking out for the lanterns in different stores and was able to find them all. She did such a stunning job, I was speechless when I saw what she had done. 

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