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30 October, 2014

This outfit was inspired by this month's Breast Cancer Awareness, as well as to honor my aunt Mimi who fought breast cancer many years ago and beat it, and my other aunt (her sister) Tia Nena who a year ago was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told she had only 3 months at most to live, but has beat it and is on remission. Nothing makes me feel more empowered and joyful than to see anyone, especially loved ones defy this illness that has been ravaging bodies and breaking many families hearts. I have lost a few loved ones from cancer and it has to be one of the hardest things to go through, more so for those who have to suffer for a long time with it. Frankly, I am so angry that we keep loosing so many people to this illness, that finding a cure is not just a priority but essential to the livelihood of those we love and ourselves. Taking care of our bodies is also a crucial and very important factor that can help us minimize the risk, so trying to eat less sugar, less hormone -induced produces and meats is a good start. My husband and I have pledged to ourselves that no matter what, we will always buy as much organic/raw/unrefined foods and ingredients as possible, giving up on other things to make it work in our budget is something I am willing to do for the sake of our health because in the end what matters is how long you get to live with the ones you love, rather then anything else.

I encourage you to do the same, to pledge to yourself (even if it's a small step) to reduce foods that are carcinogenic foods and or to buy more fresh and organic products. Also, very important is to reduce stress, stress is one of the leading causes of cancer and many other illnesses, so be HAPPY, life always has its good things even under harsh circumstances. 

| WEARING | Zara Jumper (last season), Sunnies (new), Faux Leather Skirt (last season, similar x similar) x Boots (old), Vintage German Made Hat via the Frankfurt Flea Market (DIYed, feathers added)

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