| Chic Travels | Amsterdam (Part I)

09 October, 2014

| ABOVE | A little indulgence high in the sky en route to Amsterdam.
| ABOVE x BELOW | The Dam or Dam Square is popularly occupied at all hours due to it's notable buildings and events that take place there. Shown above and below is the stunning Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the palace was built to serve as the Town Hall and opened its doors in July of 1655. 
| ABOVE | I did a quick stop to explore a Sex Museum, which prove to be both entertaining and educational. It was interesting to see how sex has evolved through the years, but yet in the same token the very early principles of it haven't changed at all.
| ABOVE | A stop at a Dutch Cheese specialty shop had to be made, I love cheese and leaving with out one of the best cheeses in the world was out of the question. The Dutch are known to make good cheese and I was not disappointed. I took home a small wheel of the traditional Gouda and spiced Gouda cheese. | BELOW | One of the many canals that make Amsterdam so famously known for.
| ABOVE | Some areas of the city were in full World Cup 2014 festive mode, as the Dutch were getting ready to play against the Argentinians. Oddly enough this city has one of the largest selection of Argentinian steak houses I have seen in Europe.  | BELOW | These buildings were so whimsical they almost looked fake, which only confirm my belief that Mr. Walt Disney must have gotten all of his inspiration from Europe, because all these places remind me of Disney World. 
| ABOVE x BELOW | Charming streets, doors, horse carriages and cafes are one of the best things about this city, they are in every corner, making it difficult to decide where to stop for lunch or dinner. 
| ABOVE | Just another quaint strip along a canal that I couldn't resist to capture. | BELOW | A spectacular and foggy look from our hotel, DoubleTree Amsterdam Centraal Station, and was situated in a great location. We also finished off the day by having the best beers we've had thus far, especially the La Chouffe, a Belgium Blond Pale Ale that has a sweet hint to it and goes down smoothly.
This Chic Travels location that I visited back in July, truly stole my heart. I didn't expect that would happen going there as I had not many expectations other then it's a cool city. Boy was I so happy to see just how beautiful this city is, every corner I took as I went on my discovery, made me feel a different way. It gave me a sense of home, as if I belonged here, which doesn't happen very often, even as much as I love each place I go, very few places capture my heart in that way. I have to say that Paris and Amsterdam are in the top places that I would love to live in, each for completely different reasons but both would provide that blissfulness and requiescence, that you get when you know your home. This was a very short trip, so I missed out on a few of my must-see places, which at first I was a little bummed about, but at second thought, it made me happy because I knew it provided for the perfect excuse to go back. 

Stay tuned for Part II of our Chic Travels - Amsterdam.

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