Western Vibes

14 October, 2014

Yesterday my husband and I had some down time and we decided to just take a stroll around downtown, as per usual. We really enjoy doing it because we always end up discovering something new (see here), and that is just the whole point, what is life if not for us to discover, right? I decided to wear something that made me feel as if I was at home under my blankets because on a grey sky, you just want to be curled up under your blankets with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and that is the feeling I wanted to have. I love the scarf as a top or poncho look because it's so easy and fun. I found this scarf in the men's section in H&M, and it has been one of my favorite ones because it's big and soft so it covers me very well and makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Are you into the scarf as a top/poncho look?

| WEARING | H&M Men's Scarf, Zara Basics Top x Zara Skinny Jeans, Vintage Hat via Frankfurt Flea Market, ASOS Archery Fringe Western Boots (sans the fringe, see what I did here and before here x here)

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