Poncho Life

23 April, 2015

Hey there, it's been a while since I post any outfit looks, I have been on such a slump these days, it's so hard to get your booty out of it. Slowly I will be getting back in the rhythm of things, it's been a pretty busy start of the year, with many traveling adventures that although I am not complaining one bit, it starts to take a toll on you, it slows you down on the everyday life. Luckily though, the weather in Frankfurt has been so nice that I really shouldn't feel all dull, it has been sunny, affording you to go out of the house with just a cozy poncho and light knits, which is about my favorite type of dressing. 

On another note, my birthday is just a few weeks away and I just found out I am not turning 33, but 32 (LOL), yes I thought I was turning 33, after 30 I swear I can't keep track of my age, it's the weirdest thing ever. Do any of you 30 and fabulous ladies go through the same thing? please tell me I am not alone? 

| WEARING | Zara Men's Straw Hat, Zara Basics Top, Ray Ban Round Sunnies, Primark Poncho, H&M Embroidered Shorts, Leather Shoulder Bag via Florence (Italy) Leather Market, Renvy Mott Over the Knee Boots via Gilt

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