01 October, 2015

Fall is here already, and although I love knee-high boot season, I will always prefer summer above anything else. But I no longer have eternal summers at my disposal (when in Miami), so I have to just let it go and embrace it. Luckily for me these past few days here in Frankfurt, have been my dream, sunny, yet crisp cool air kinda weather, it's how I wish all fall and winter was like. I have mentioned it time and again, I am a sun child, nothing makes me happier then seeing the sun, so these days I have truly been enjoying them even though I was nursing a cold for part of them. This past Sunday I was no longer going to let pj's, sniffles and the confinement of our apartment get the best of me, I needed fresh air, so I put on my Sunday best and went for a stroll with the bae. 

| WEARING | ZARA Striped Henley Tee, Studded Faux Suede Skirt, Suede Leather Knee-High Boots, Ray Bay Round Frame Sunnies, Express Floral Scarf (old), Ecote Arc Canteen Crossbody Bag via UO

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