Christmas at home

12 January, 2016

Christmas at home this year was probably our favorite one since we moved to Germany and it was all due in part that we had family staying with us and spending the holidays with us. Being away from family during these times are the hardest and although the husband and I do a pretty good job at not getting ourselves sad about it, we still miss the ones we love. Since I knew I was going to have family over, I wanted to make it extra special and cozy for them, so I decided to go with the traditional red, white and silver as the theme colors and elements of wood because that is what I always think of when I think of Christmas. I added details that would make anyone just want to stay at home covered in blankets and drinking warm tea or hot chocolate. I think I pretty much accomplished that feel, my mother-in-law did not want to move from the couch! I also did a Photo Booth backdrop for fun memories to keep.

I DIYed the three big trees mantled atop the wood slabs (that I got from a tree that was being cut down behind my building!) and as you know I also DIYed my Door Wreath (see HERE). 

What do you think of my decor? What were your color themes?

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