| CHIC Eats | Luncheon Presentation by Thasos Greek Taverna

06 June, 2016

beautiful tablescapes at Thasos are a dream come true and eye candy for the design lovers.

the atmosphere of the restaurant feels serene yet full of energy.

the presentation of the dishes was so carefully crafted, you almost didn't want to eat it and every bite you took it was a sensory explosion. It's so nice to feel the freshness of the ingredients in plates, and at Thasos that is exactly what you get.

a perfect example of the love and art of cooking.

when Chefs take their time to create a dish, it is not only an experience for them but for the customer as well, everyone loves to enjoy a meal that has been given the time to perfect.

If you haven't already tried Thasos Greek Taverna, then I recommend you go next time you are looking for a change of scenery and for well crafted dishes. Not only will you feel serene and happy, you will feel like to left Miami and traveled to Greece, plus, you may get some design inspiration, because it is just a beautiful space.

Thank you Thasos Greek Taverna for having us and delighting us with your savory dishes and presentation, hope to be back soon.


Thanks for the love!