G A B L E S Strolling

27 March, 2017

G A B L E S Strolling

I am going to sound like a broken record, but oh boy is it so hard for me to work on a post for the blog now a days, to make matters worse, half the time the wifi is either working at molasses speed or is not connecting, so the very little time that I find to get working on a post, I find myself trying to work out these technical issues, which by the time I am able to fix them, I have to go back to #mamaduties, so I end up back at square one. Anyway, enough about my rant, I want to work on some travel posts that I have way overdue, some that are two years old...yikes, but like that good old saying goes, better late than never. Hopefully this week or the following I can start on the editing part so that I can share some fun travels we did while we were still living in the EU (sigh) and pre-baby era. 

About this post, funny how social media works, I find it spectacular both for its pros and cons. This being a pro, see. I met Jenise, the photographer through social media, her husband and I went to high school together and she started following my blog, and one day she realized we had one degree of separation, or however that works. I began to follow her, she has an adorable blog about mommyhood called A Toddler & A Topknot but as you may already suspect, she is also a photographer. As I became a mom, I began to reach out to other moms or soon to be moms just to get tips and such, and she was one of them. That brought us to this point, where we worked together on two outfit sessions. we had such a fun day, kiddos and all, that I wish I had more days like that, with like minded mamas who want to create, connect and lend a hand. Thank you for the lovely photos and for a fun day Jenise!

| PHOTOS by| Photos by Jenise

| WEARING | Forever 21 Top x Culottes, Mango Hoop Earrings, Vintage Dress Sash (worn around neck) from C. Madeleines, Vintage Georges Rech Shoulder Bag, Zara Two Tone Pointed Toe Shoes

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