PJL "Birthday Suit" x a Giveaway

31 May, 2012

Priscilla in her "Birthday Suit"

ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a designer? or ever wonder how they got started? well here is your opportunity to get in to the mind of one local Miami lingerie designer of Priscilla Jade Lingerie (PJL) who has reached success here in Miami and will make a break through around the country I am sure. Her pieces are sexy but in a subtle kind of way, where you don't have to try to hard to be sexy because her pieces say it all. My favorite pieces are from the Noir collection, there is nothing like a sultry piece of black lingerie. She is celebrating her 5 year Anniversary by doing a special piece called the "Birthday Suit," and hosting a launch party for it this Saturday June 2, 2012, click here to rsvp. It gets better, Priscilla is also giving away to one lucky reader of mine a Birthday Suit...I know aren't you lucky. See Giveaway rules and details after the interview. Enough, let's get to hear from the mastermind behind Priscilla Jade Lingerie.

Images: Courtesy of Priscilla Jade Lingerie

 oh so sweet - details of the Birthday Suit

Priscilla Codinach of Priscilla Jade Lingerie
1.       We all want to know what the Birthday Suit is about.

I was inspired by the Coppertone baby from the 1950’s ads. I thought it looked like an invisible panty.  It just popped in my head like the “birthday suit”. I think 5 years is a big deal.  The relationship with my company has been my longest committed relationship.  I wanted to do something fun and girly.  The “Birthday Suit” is made of sheer nude fabric.  We took the Little Black Panty style and fit to create this commemorative set.  Still sexy, and basic with the handmade quality of all my products, with no taglines.

2.       I hear you were the model for the Birthday Suit? How was that?

I posed semi nude for Breast Cancer Awareness last October but this was a piece of cake, literally.  I changed the way I ate and worked out a few times and my body changed without me realizing it. I’m very comfortable with my body.  I’m petite with a few curves. Some have more, some have less – we all need to embrace it.  I don’t expect to empower women by intimidating them with the image that sex sells. I want to make them feel confident in their own skin.  If I want them to take it off, I’m going to show them that I can take it off every once in a while too.

3.       So now that you are celebrating the brand’s fifth anniversary, tell us how you’ve grown as a designer from when you started to now?

Oh! I have made a ton of mistakes to get to where I am today. I have plenty more to make. I’ve done it all.  When you make a mistake you’ll think of how you could have done it better.  That is how you evolve.  It will get harder and more trivial.  You will learn to trust your instincts.  Things will start becoming natural to you.  The more you pay more attention to detail and learn how things work everything moves forward.  Nothing will come to you without work, you have to go and get it.

4.       Tell us how you have built your company, what have been your struggles? And what has worked best for you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I have to tell myself that very often.  After 5 years, I believe that I have created a small brand of intimate apparel, out of my home studio, by myself.  Not many people can say they have ever done that. Over the last 6 months I have reached out all over the states introducing my brand outside of Miami.  Letting them know who I am and putting a face and a person with my brand.  Building a reputable brand is not easy.  You have to market yourself and make connections with people.  You have to get them to trust you as a designer and believe in your brand.  Breaking out of Miami has been a struggle but it is more about dedicating that time to expand.  You have to let go of that fear that people won’t like your designs, and give them a reason to like what you have to offer.

5.       Any advice for those who may want to start their own line of clothing/lingerie?

Read every book possible.   Know the ins and outs & the who’s who of what you want to do. Take every opportunity to learn another side of the industry. Meet new people, no matter what they do and just believe in yourself. Invest the time in becoming who you want to be.  No one can tell you otherwise when you know what you want.

6.       Do you like to work with bloggers as much as PR companies? Do you feel bloggers have gained traction as tastemakers?

A lot of my friends on the industry are writers.  A blogger will sit, ask questions and put a real person behind a brand or product.  It’s as if I get to make a personable connection to their readers.  They all have a diverse audience.  When I talk to bloggers, I get to talk about what I do as a designer.  Before I would never approach anyone at events and introduce myself, I was quiet, said very few words and gave them my business card. I hated it. My “blogger” friends have really taken me out of my shell, I’m thankful. I have met so many women that love accessories, or shoes, or cosmetics.  We are all on the same mission, to be beautiful, confident and independent. No matter what we are yapping about – we have a passion about something. I think we need to surround ourselves with positive, amazing women and support each other.

7.       I hear you are a big fan of 50 Shades of Grey, considering your line of work, is there a 50 Shades of Grey-inspired collection on the way?

I skipped the Harry Potter and Twilight phenom but when Hunger Games came out I wanted to read it, I read it in 2 days. Then everyone suggested 50 Shades of Grey.  I haven’t been inspired just yet. I have a strange way of developing concepts into designs.  It’s off the wall but in the end it works out.  In 2011, I debuted the NOIR Collection which ironically, has a piece named the “Christian”.  It is an all-black collection, very sultry and dark.  The collection came out before I ever knew about the book.
8.       What goes through Priscilla’s mind when reading 50 Shades of Grey?

I don’t think it would be appropriate for this interview, maybe after a few glasses of wine… The main character is relate-able for women.  She talks like me, she freaks out like most of us would in that situation.  I really think that women are reading this book and finding that “our naughty girl” has a voice and we need to stop hiding it. It’s descriptive and turns women on without them being touched. The way the book is written it ignites that connection with our libido.

9. Lastly, what kind of man does Priscilla like? And which collection would swoon a man like Mr. Grey?

Ambition is really sexy.  But ultimately, it would be a man that challenges me.  I’m used to thinking I’m right 18 hours a day. I can admire a man that will make me think twice, maybe three times. If he is stimulating in more ways than one, then he’s got me.  Life is boring if you aren’t learning something, whether it is about yourself and your partner of the universe in general.

As for Mister Grey I think he is a lover of fine lingerie.  Any of my collections will do I’m sure.  Some garments more than others. But I picture Grey keeping the little black panties in his back pocket, a Noir piece for Friday night dinner friskies and the spring collection for Sunday Brunchies.

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