Drop my peplum

19 September, 2012

Vest & Shoes: Zara| Dress: RACHEL Rachel Roy (via Macy's)| Sunnies: Gap| Necklace: Forever 21

this dress is one of my favorite finds, I purchased it a few months ago knowing that it was going to be a perfect transitional dress from summer to fall and a good dress to layer up "if" Miami ever gets a cold front. The color combination is what's in as Military/hunter green are hitting up a storm this season, as well as the dropped peplum. For this piece just throw in a vest (like I did) or an asymmetrical cut leather jacket and you're in like Flynn (say yes to my corny lines, or pretend you like them). The dress makes me fill a bit whimsical but still gives me that edge I always seek in a piece of garment.

And there you have it folks a small but useful piece of information on what to wear when Miami awaits never the low temperatures. So you see you can still wear fall trends in Miami, you just have to get creative.

|Photos by| Sasha De Almagro



  1. awww, you look great! love this.

  2. I love it!!
    You look great and that necklace is fabulous!!

  3. OBSESSED with this entire look! I want to wear it alll!!! xoxo

    1. Aww thanks Karla, so happy you love it! BTW Annie says we have the same style so makes sense you love it hehe.




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