Serendipity 3 {unexpected} goodness

21 September, 2012

a cocktail to start

for those of you girls (and those guys that were forced to see it...or where they?) who saw the movie Serendipity back in 2001 you know that ever since you have been wanting to go or have gone to Serendipity 3 mainly to try the star of the restaurant the "Frozzzen Hot Chocolate." I was invited to go for a complimentary dinner, I was delighted and couldn't let the opportunity pass as I had been dying to go since it's opening in 2011 here in Miami. Come last Wednesday and bam I finally made it there, I had such a great time and the service was wonderful.

lettace wraps for starters
a burger for the beau
the crab cake dinner for me
and what I was waiting for
oh la la at last the Frozzzen Hot Chocolate
yea I was happy
they brought this one out for us to try
adorable interior
who does this? only me
Hello Kitty has good company
whimsical globes

the lowdown:

  • Serendipity 3 is located on Lincoln Road with a parking garage around the corner for easy access.
  • the restaurant got attention when it was featured in a few movies, one being the movie Serendipity (2001) where the "Frozzzen Hot Chocolate" became the sought after dessert.
  • History tid bit: the restaurant started out in a basement in Manhattan's upper east side in the 1950s and quickly became a popular spot for whimsical bites and unique desserts.
  • The beau had the traditional hamburger with sweet potato fries, as you can see the burger was a good size, the burger was good nothing fancy, just how a traditional burger should taste like. The sweet potato fries were crispy and delicious a great alternative to the regular fries.
  • I had the crab cake dinner plate, if you are a crab cake eater than you should have them as they are pretty meaty and full of flavor and the salad compliments the crab very well with a sweet and tangy taste.
  • But really what you should save your stomach for is the desserts, which are outrageous and out of this world.
  • I had been looking forward to the Frozzzen Hot Chocolate for years, 11 years to be exact and when I sipped it for the first time I felt I was floating through the clouds. I could live off of these delights and I think it would be a healthy choice no?
  • They brought out the Forbidden Broadway sundae for us to try even though we didn't order it and we both looked at each other like "how will we finish all of this chocolate goodness?" but we had to be polite and eat it, very polite! {sarcasm}. Who are we kidding, we were kids in a candy store. The sundae was so good, I wish I would have had more room to eat it all.
  • Overall, if you are looking for a place to have dessert well this is the place to be. The selection of food is pretty extensive, I suggest you just get appetizers or a small plate to save room for the stars of the show. I will definitely visit again as the service was great and the atmosphere was very whimsical.


  1. omg i want to go now, i always pass by but never stop to go try it out! thanks love.

  2. Lol this made me so happy, ahhh must go for my birthday!


    1. haha it made me happy when I was there ;)! yes you should! when is your birthday?

  3. I love this post!!
    First off, I love the's one of my favorites.
    I haven't tried their frozen hot chocolate but I definitely need to put it on my "to-do" list next time I'm on Lincoln Road ;)

    1. Thank you Martha! one of mine too! and yes you have to put it on your "to-do" list the frozen hot chocolate is so so good!

      We will finally meet on thursday!



  4. Yum yum, never heard of this place but I may have to check it out.

    1. Yes yum, yum is right! do it go check it out!



  5. Thank you for stopping by and reading! nice to meet you :)!




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