Needs and Wants: Jewelry

25 September, 2012

don't we all feel like we need and want everything? I know I do. I always feel like I need to have what ever it is I am obsessing over at the moment (which is quite a lot of stuff) but those pesky green bills get in the way of getting everything. Maybe sometimes it's a good thing you can't get everything because well life would just be plain boring. I need the thrill of the hunt and the aching pain of not being able to hold something in my hands. Here are a few of the things I want to hold, kiss and love...yes I feel that sorta passion.

2. Forever 21 Bejeweled Oval Pin, $6.80
3. Topshop Sequin Trap Mesh Bracelet, $25
4. Asos Bee Collar Brooches, $13.80

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