Tangerine Eyes

01 August, 2013

it's been a while, since I first saw you (lyrics from Stained), that is exactly the feeling I am having right now with you all. I have been eagerly waiting to have the time to shoot some outfit posts for you, something, something at least. This outfit post was a very casual one, as it was shot on my way to do some grocery shopping at the REWE [how I have been told it is pronounced is REH VAH] tried to find it on the web and it gave me different ways of pronouncing it so I guess lets just stay with mine for now, until I speak to a German and clarify the issue. Let me just say this quickly, the REWE is amazing, I am completely in love with this chain of supermarkets as it carries plenty of wonderful, yummy stuff that I am looking forward to try. It's a cross-over between a Publix (for my Floridians) and a Whole Foods. But I also have tons of local weekly markets around the area that sell tons of fresh foods and vegetables. OK enough with my market talk, I will give you a more in-depth story of how it has been in Frankfurt thus far possibly next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

What do you think of my very bright and colorful floral pants? I sure brought Miami to Germany as most people here I have noticed dress in muted colors. I got a lot of stares wearing these, not sure if they were good or bad but I am going to assume they were all good...I want to believe I am influencing some people here (wink). Hope you enjoy this and you will be seeing more of me in coming weeks, stay with me, don't leave me (begging hands in place). 

|WEARING| H&M baseball hat x sunnies, Primark top, Tory Burch bag (old), Zara floral pants (find here on sale) , Urban Outfitters flat sandals (find here)


  1. in love with these pants. Seems like you are enjoying Germany happy for u :)


  2. Loving the pants! Love Germany too its a great place to go.


  3. So happy your are bringing Germany some much needed sunshine! Love those punchy pants.


Thanks for the love!