| Post-Wedding Week Series | The Preparation

07 May, 2014

The preparation for the big day is less stressful then we all brides tend to believe. I always anticipated this time with most caution, not because I didn't look forward to it, but because having a room filled with tons of women is no easy feat. Lets face it, we take a long time to get ready, even more so for such a special day. You have to have a schedule with appointments for each of the girls, including yourself to get the hair and makeup done at a reasonable time, and having a large bridal party is even more of a challenge, but fun none the less. To overcome this madness, I had to hire people who were understanding and flexible. I am very fortunate to have family and friends with an array of talents and professions, who were able to accommodate my needs. I employed my sister-in-law Genesis Sensat (not to mention that she was also one of my bridesmaid) and her assistant to do our makeups, as makeup is her profession, I also employed my good friend Sandy Lee Alvarez (who is my hair stylist and lives in Germany with me) as our hair stylist. The preparation was probably one of my favorite moments of our wedding, because I was able to relax and enjoy the time with my bridal party.

Thank you Genesis, her assistant and Sandy for working so patiently and non-stop to make us all look so beautiful, you guys rock. To my mother, mother-in-law, MOHS and Bridesmaids, thank you for being by my side during that time, as it made it that much more special, I love guys.


  1. Love this ! It was such a pleasure to be part of your big day !

    1. Aw thanks friend! so happy I had you with us that day!



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