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06 May, 2014

Ana + Danny Wedding Trailer from Love Squared Weddings on Vimeo.

This week I will cover my Post-Wedding series which will give you a glimpse of how and what our special day looked like. Today you get to look at the recap version of my wedding video, we loved the way the video came out, it captured so many beautiful moments, I love how you can look back at things and see certain things that you missed or failed to see the day of your wedding. So many things are happening all at once, not to mention so many emotions and thoughts are going through your head that sometimes the smallest of details are overlooked. Videos and photos allow you to be able to see all those missed moments, as well as to relive the moments you experienced yourselves. Next up will be photos of the wedding day preparations. 

Hope you enjoy the video x special thanks to our friend C.R. Sten for capturing all these moments.


| VIDEO by | Love Squared Weddings

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  1. loved the video, cinematography. was a great time #BOSTY


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