| à la française Neckerchief |

22 January, 2015

I have recently developed a love for neckerchiefs, I really don't know how that happened, because I don't like things to hug my neck too much, I am still getting used to wearing turtlenecks. But somehow I can withstand the slight discomfort a neckerchief brings, merely for the fact that it just looks so damn chic. I am not going to lie, I was chocking just a bit when we went to grab a late lunch after the photos were snapped at my new favorite french cafe in Frankfurt - La Maison, but I didn't care because I felt I fit in just fine. The one I am wearing in this outfit is a makeshift neckerchief, it once was a sash to an old skirt, of course, the hoarder that is I, kept it after giving away the skirt. I just thought it would serve for something, I didn't know what but I knew it would. So lo and behold, it became a neckerchief, I love the sensation I get when I find new use to old items in my closet, I feel creative (sticks tongue out). 

| WEARING | Zara Basic Top, Forever 21 Faux Leather-Trimmed Coat, Vintage German Made Hat, The 2 Bandits Leo's Arrow Ring, Jenny Bird Moonsong Midi Ring, Makeshift Neckerchief, Diesel Daily Kick W Sneakers (last seen HERE, sold out)

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  1. "Neckerchiefs" now that's a new word! You look amaze. Europe has shaped your style in a really cool way.


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