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27 January, 2015

Streets of Brussels are so magical, but then again all streets in Europe are the same. They ooze these sort of intrigue, as if they have seen life go by for years and years, and so they have. Brussels more so though has this chicness that most likely comes from its french influence yet cool that comes from the dutch influence, creating this atmosphere like no other. 

Entering heaven, also known as Pierre Marcolini Haute Chocolaterie, which has endless floors of goodness and is the place I want to call home, yes because nothing gets better than this for those who are chocolate connoisseurs as I like to call myself. It is a chocolate mecca in Brussels, it is the a sensual experience and one you most not miss if you ever visit this charming city.

I went stepped out happy with my Olympa Le-Tan for Pierre Marcolini designed chocolate box, which I still have and plan to transform it into something useful. I got two of each kind of chocolate pieces, they had from Venezuela, Brazil, to Mango and Strawberry, so many options that there is no way you can go home without any. 

Cutest Mini Cooper I ever did see.

Barney ran into his twin while we strolled the streets on the second day, right before the snow began to fall, which forced us to seclude back to the hotel as it was way too cold for our furry baby. We actually never left the hotel that day because it was snowing way too hard, making it difficult for us to navigate the streets. But it was actually a very relaxing and welcoming experience, as this was actually my first time seeing snow settle on the ground. Watching snow fall was so beautiful to me, just as I had seen it happen in countless movies, and made me feel just the way I thought, magical (my favorite word). 

I have a thing with lavish door knobs, they look so regal, so glorious and look so beautiful hanging from large doors. You see so many of these beautiful details all throughout the city,from regal knobs, so gracious statues to picturesque structures. 

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