Peek-A-Boo Mesh

15 January, 2015

Easy outfits are my thing, I love no fuss pieces that have versatility, this look is one of those no fuss outfits, it is comfortable without compromising style. I was not feeling all myself the day I took these photos and I wasn't completely satisfied with the way they turned out, but after a few days I went to edit them and I looked at them with a fresh eye, turns out, they didn't come out as bad as I initial had thought. I especially love the last shot, I got this idea after I took a photo of a woman sitting against a ledge in Brussels, and I loved the way it looked, so I decided to do it myself. It gives that element of purposeful solitude, one that you seek when you want to have alone time to gather your thoughts. Actually that is exactly how I was feeling that day, so in a way it was a good reflection of my mood.

| WEARING | Zara Basics Turtleneck T-Shirt (on sale) x Skinny Jeans (old), Forever 21 Faux Leather-Trimmed Coat, ASOS Militant Pointed Shoes (similar) x Mesh Socks


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